TF32.exe is the time-frequency analysis for 32-bit Windows (95 through XP) software program. It can display the acoustic waveform along with pitch and sound spectrogram analyses in time synchrony with x-y articulatory data.

TF32.pdf explains how to use TF32.

AArView is the Acoustic-articulatory viewer program that has Matlab and Python versions.

AnalogModulation provides tools for visualizing analog modulation and demodulation, implemented in Java and compiled with Eclipse.

DOS-based acoustic and articulatory viewer contains software for batch-mode moments analysis from the DOS prompt. Unzip this file with the -d parameter (preserve directories).

SPMmt.pdf explains how to do batch moments analysis. contains 1) DX for extracting analysis parameters from labeled speech segments, 2) RIFF and SPHERE commands for converting database .ACC compressed files into RIFF (.WAV) or SPHERE (TIMIT) format, and 3) XYD command for undifferencing and adding time stamps to the x-ray movement data.

DBMAN.pdf is the UW X-ray Microbeam Speech Production Database Handbook.

Data formats describes file formats used in the Database.

VTSpec articulatory model with sound playback.

Presentations and reports