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ASHA99.pdf contains the slides from P. H. Milenkovic (1999) Analysis and synthesis of unvoiced speech using spectrum moments, Workshop on Spectrum Moments Measures for Speech Language and Hearing Research, ASHA 1999, SanFrancisco.

Avaya.pdf contains the slides from P. H. Milenkovic (2001) Area function from acoustic measurements with articulatory constraints: Historical perspective and geometric constructions, presentation to Avaya Labs, Morristown, NJ, December 3, 2001.

Composite waveform component for Delphi contains information on how to implement a composite component for the Delphi VCL and how to get the wave channel elements of a multi-channel display component to save and retrieve properties from the .DFM file.

ActiveX components and arrays discusses how to write ActiveX and COM components in Delphi that can pass arrays to and from Visual Basic.

Hyperthreading and Windows Animation examines the effect of hyperthreading and or multiple processors on Windows animation. It discusses how multiple virtual or real processors affects thread scheduling in Windows and how to program to avoid starving the user interface thread.

Loading and Reloading a Java Class from Matlab discusses the use of a Java class loader and a Java proxy object to allow Matlab to see changes to a Java class while a Matlab session is still running.

Enabling multiple registration of event listeners for ActiveX controls implemented in Delphi.

jw12f001.wav Parallel-formant speech synthesis prepared by T. Gosselin and C. Schulze. 3-formant vowels, LPC consonants.

jw12l001.wav Same speech sample, low-pass filtered at 2500 Hz to retain only 3 formants.

jw12p001.wav Same speech sample, no processing.